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A marriage in baseball heaven

Carr_90.jpgBy Samantha Carr

Sometimes their neighbors get confused when they fly both a Yankees and Red Sox flag at their house, but it seems to work for Rich Kretser and Alison Moorby.

11-13-09-Carr_WeddingCouple.jpgThey even wore their opposing fan gear on Friday when they arrived in Cooperstown to do a walk through for their wedding – appropriately being held at the Baseball Hall of Fame on Saturday.

“We are huge baseball fans and members so it just made sense to have it here,” said Moorby. “We started dating in 2004 and our first date was a Yankees-Red Sox game. Our whole relationship revolves around baseball and it is what we love to do together.”

Kretser and Morrby live in Canajoharie, NY, about a 40 minute car ride northeast of Cooperstown. They emailed the Hall of Fame in April to see if it was possible to get married here.

“We are having about 50 guests and wanted a small place,” said Moorby.

“Once we knew we could have it here, there was no question,” added Kretser.

Kretser works for Pepsi and Moorby for Price Chopper and after meeting at work, a friend passed his number along to her.

“We were kind of on opposite sides at work and sometimes I would even avoid her. But when she called me up and asked me to a Yankees-Red Sox game, I wasn’t going to say no,” he said.

11-13-09-Carr_GrandstandTheater.jpgThe game turned out to be a memorable one, for more than one reason.

“It was the best first date I’ve ever had. It was the game when Derek Jeter dove into the stands and came out with a bloody face. We had plenty of time to talk,” said Moorby.

“And the Yankees won in 14 innings,” adds Kretser.

Although Kretser could spend some time gloating on the way home, it has been Moorby who has done most of the celebrating in the playoffs during their relationship.

“It can get a little tense sometimes in the playoffs, but we bond because we are baseball fans in general,” said Kretser.

This weekend, the happy couple will have something besides baseball to celebrate. Kretser, fresh of his team’s 27th World Series win, has already requested a gift from his new wife.

“That’s right, we have to pick up a new Yankees flag while we’re here.”

Samantha Carr is the media relations coordinator at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.


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