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DiFranza_90.jpgBy Lenny DiFranza

5-20-09-DiFranza_Motley.jpgTwo photo exhibits are being installed right now at the Hall of Fame that show the passion of Latin baseball, the international pastime of the Caribbean.

Viva Cuba Béisbol focuses on Cuba, the island nation whose people have remained true to baseball through war, revolution, and peace. American photographer Byron Motley’s stunning images reveal a deep love for the game in the fabric of everyday life, from sandlots to international competitions. Viva Cuba Béisbol is in the third floor of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

5-20-09-DiFranza_Villegas.jpgThe Latino Baseball Story, based on a 15-year project by photojournalist José Luis Villegas, explores the dedication needed for the difficult journey Latino players take to play major league baseball. Although some realize their dreams and some do not, the love for the game remains. The Latino Baseball Story is on the Halper Gallery on the first floor of the Museum.

These temporary exhibits will be in our museum only through the end of this year. They open on Saturday, May 23, along with our permanent exhibit, ¡Viva Baseball!, which traces the history of Latin baseball from its roots — which are almost as old as those in the U.S. — to today’s Latin big league stars.

Lenny DiFranza is the assistant curator for new media at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.


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