Showing some ‘Mercy’

By Craig Muder

Charlie Millard plucked his Texas Rangers cap off his held and held it up between the caps of Hall of Famers Roberto Clemente and Tom Seaver.

“You think that cap might be in the Hall of Fame someday?” said Charlie’s dad Bart Millard, whose band MercyMe toured the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum on Friday. “Wouldn’t that be something!”

Members of the band MercyMe (from left) Robby Shaffer, Michael Scheuchzer and Bart Millard — along with Millard’s sons (from left) Charlie and Sam — received a special tour of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum on Friday. (Milo Stewart Jr./NBHOF Library)

Hours before a concert in nearby Utica, N.Y., Bart Millard took a break from his job as MercyMe’s lead singer and fulfilled a lifelong dream by visiting the Hall of Fame. A self-described “Rangers fan from birth,” Millard – a Greenville, Texas, native – visited the Museum with his sons Charlie and Sam and MercyMe band-mates Robby Shaffer and Michael Scheuchzer.

“This is amazing,” said Millard after viewing Josh Hamilton’s four-home run bat, which is on display in the Museum’s Today’s Game exhibit and has been since Hamilton crushed four dingers in Texas’ 10-3 win over the Orioles May 8. “It’s been a great stretch of baseball for the Rangers, even though the two World Series losses have been tough. But they have really begun to change how baseball is perceived in Dallas.

“It’s still a Cowboys town, but the Rangers are more popular than ever.”

So is MercyMe, which has produced four certified Gold Records since forming in 1994.

“All musicians want to be athletes, and I think most athletes want to be musicians,” Millard said. “To be here with all this history is incredible.”

Craig Muder is the director of communications for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

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