National History Day comes to the Hall of Fame


History was on display today as students from across the state filled the Hall of Fame for the New York State National History Day competition. The top two regional winners from the group documentary and individual paper groups assembled to make their presentations for their chance to move on to next round.


Horseheads Senior High School student Hunter Hoobler. (Donny Lowe/National Baseball Hall of Fame Library)

National History Day is a year-long educational program sponsored in New YorkStateby the New York State Historical Association and encourages students to explore local, state, national and world history. The Hall of Fame and Museum’s Learning Center, Bullpen Theatre, and Bud Selig Center for the Archives of Major League Baseball Commissioners played host to the event. Students select a historical topic covered by the annual theme, research and create a final project that can be entered into a series of competitions, from the local to national level.

Horseheads Senior High School student Hunter Hoobler made her presentation on Dorothea Dix in the individual paper group and was nervous before her presentation, but after the presentation said, “It is pretty amazing to come from a small town inNew Yorkand come to the Hall of Fame, meet with staff, and give my presentation. It was a fun experience and I learned an interview goes much smoother when you are comfortable.”

Alyssa Baker, Abigail Sullivan and Elizabeth Renshaw of Canandaigua Central School showed their group documentary entitled Child Labor Laws: A reform for justice in the Bullpen Theater. When the judges asked why they chose the subject Renshaw said, “It was because we wanted to do a report on something still present in our own lives, something that affects us today. We have jobs and those laws help us still today.”

Students standing before the judges panel. (Milo Stewart, Jr./National Baseball Hall of Fame Library)

History Day is a way for students to connect with history and become engaged in their own past. Students not only become excited about history through their hands on experience, but they also gain valuable interview and presentation skills through the event.

Learning is an integral part of the Baseball Hall of Fame’s mission. The Hall offers students the chance to learn through events and the Education Department provides opportunities for K-12 students and teachers interactive ways to learn. These programs provide a meaningful learning experience through field trips, videoconferences and online curriculum materials that range from mathematics to science and civil rights and align with national learning standards.

Parents and students interested in National History Day can find more information and register for a competition here.

Donny Lowe is the manager web and digital media at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.


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