Talking baseball in any language

Muder_90.jpgBy Craig Muder

01-06-11-Muder_Blyleven.jpgAfter 14 years of waiting for his call to Cooperstown, Bert Blyleven learned how to relax at election time.

So during his first full day as a Hall of Famer on Thursday, the Dutchman reveled — and poked a little fun — at his moment in the sun.

“I guess they figured it was (the year) twenty-eleven, so it was Bly-leven time,” said the 287-game winner who was born in Zeist, Holland. “I’m just glad they finally got it right.”

Blyleven’s Class of 2011 teammate at the Hall of Fame, Roberto Alomar, was clearly humbled by his election. After falling just eight votes short in 2010, Alomar charged passed the hallowed 90-percent mark in this election.

“The last year was difficult,” Alomar said. “But it was all worth it.”

01-06-11-Muder_Alomar.jpgThe media turnout for Thursday’s press conference in New York City was robust — especially among Spanish-language outlets. Alomar enthusiastically provided responses in his native language and acknowledged the influence his home country, Puerto Rico, on his career.

Blyleven, however, was unable to provide answers in Dutch — drawing a hearty laugh from the writers when the suggestion was made..

“Hey let me answer that,” Blyleven said when a reporter queried Alomar in Spanish.

No, the Dutchman doesn’t speak Spanish. But he and Alomar let everyone know what a thrill it was for them to join baseball’s best in Cooperstown.

In any language, Cooperstown  translates into immortality.

Craig Muder is the director of communications for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.


Now that we have forgiven Aolmar for his incident in baseball by spitting at umpire John Herschbeck even though he has been forgiven, shouldn’t we now forgive another great one in Pete Rose fro his gambling on baseball?
Both men made mistakes that were embarrising to the game, yet they both had great careers with outstanding numbers and they BOTH DESREVE to be in the Hall of Fame.
So, next year as a fan of the game I expect baseball to forgive and to nominate Pete Rose to the Hall of Fame.
Thank You. Mike from MD..

Bert said it best “I’m just glad they finally got it right”.Can anyone explain how you go from only 17.5% of the voters thinking that you are deserving of the hall to 79%? It doesn’t make sense.Either you are or aren’t!Your career is over and nothing changes.I for one think it’s time for the voting to be done by the fans (1 vote per fan) like a real election.Pete would be in and so would Big Mac.How often have you heard “this game belongs to the fans”? How often have you heard “this game belongs to the baseball writers”?

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