Girl Scouts make history in Cooperstown

Wilson_90.jpgBy Julie Wilson

A Girl Scout is Honest: Girl Scouts never steal… unless they are on base during a baseball game. Lou Brock made a career out of stolen bases. How many bases did Brock steak in his career?


After a tour through the Baseball Hall of Fame, a girl scout should be able to tell you the answer to this question, and other questions that connect baseball to the most fundamental tenets of scouting.


08-23-10-Wilson_GScouts.jpgThanks to the efforts of the local scouting officials, the Girl Scout Discovery Tour now joins the Hall of Fame’s Boy Scout Discovery Tour as a permanent fixture for visiting troops, as well as individual scouts that travel to
Cooperstown with their family. Originally conceptualized by Gail Sacchi, a Cooperstown troop leader, and her daughter Lisa Maticic, a lifelong scout, the patch is now available through the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways.


Troop 286 from Cooperstown, N.Y., worked with the Hall of Fame’s Education team to design the tour, and became the first troop to earn the patch during a trip to the Museum this past May. The Cooperstown Scouts traveled around the Museum searching for answers to questions about courage, loyalty, kindness and other virtues exemplified by those involved in Scouting.


Sacchi spoke highly of her troop’s experience saying that “all of the girls had a great time at the Hall of Fame” and expressed her feelings of pride that the girls (then 4th graders) were “the first troop to earn the award.”


Although many of the Cooperstown Girl Scouts were repeat visitors to the Hall of Fame, they had to work hard to find the answers to each question. The Girl Scout Discovery Tour is designed to help a scout look at an exhibit or an artifact in a different way and discover something that they may not have otherwise learned if they had just breezed through the exhibit space.


This is such an important opportunity to provide to young girls who are passionate about scouting, baseball and American history, and is another great way for young fans to connect to the game. We look forward to seeing many scouts follow in the footsteps of Cooperstown Troop 286.


Julie Wilson is the manager of school programming for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.


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